Shape Control

By Oneiro

Shape Control, a narrative game written in pairs.

Shape Control is a narrative adventure for two friends. Using a joystick and an RV device, the two players are transported into the world of childhood and dreams. Although childhood is not easy, it is always possible to face your fears with the help of a friend. Shape Control revives the child inside us, and reminds us how important their vision of the World is.

Lou falls asleep peacefully in his room. He suddenly witnesses an apparition. His familiar surroundings have now disappeared and an unexpected little being appears in a burst of light. The child is lost.            Has he just woken up or is he still asleep? He is disoriented, he is afraid. The only thing he remembers is his first name: Lou.                                     His environment intrigues him, between dream and nightmare, Lou sees his world changing before his eyes. With the unexpected help of his new friend, he goes on a real quest of exploration to find his way back… and his identity.

The story

Concept Art

Our graphic style is the result of a mix inspired by Chinese culture and imaginary children’s stories. The tale will plunge you into a predominantly black and white universe that reflects the anguishing world in which Lou grows up.


The gaming device

VR gamer

The experience of the RV player who embodies the child, will be able to carry out all forms of basic action possible in RV: Moving in a virtual world (in the form of real walking in a given perimeter, teleportation portals or moving on predefined areas), grabbing objects to analyze them for example.

PC gamer

The player who embodies the imaginary friend, will have inputs to trigger offensive and defensive actions. His exploration, although linked to that of the RV player, will be different. His angle of view will lead him to collect different information and his movement will be faster than the RV player.

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