Who are we ?

Oneiro is a group of students in their 2nd year of master’s degree in digital creation. Behind this name lies a multidisciplinary team, motivated to meet the new needs of the video game world. Our aim is to offer a new way of playing by associating virtual reality with PC games controlled by a controller. 

Our group identity is built around an analogy to space, an environment so rich that humanity knows only a small part of it. 

 Man is physically limited to explore but his imagination knows no limits, the journey through imagination.





Game designer

Communication officer

Graphic designer

With an organization structured to the millimetre and a taste for meticulous work, Alexandre is the facilitator who coordinates the team’s progress. A very good speaker, he knows how to pass on his passion for video games and exposes his extensive knowledge to the rest of the team in a good mood.

Full of serenity, attention and patience, Fanny manages Oneiro’s external communication with aplomb. She is the intermediary between the team members and the outside world. Moreover, her curiosity and natural sensitivity for graphic design will involve her in the different stages of the project’s creation. 

A dreamer at heart, Thomas brings his visual sensitivity, overflowing imagination and professionalism to the team. Always good advice for the group, and often with “humour”, his pencil stroke will certainly make the Oneiro project a unique dreamlike universe. 


Project manager, programmer

With a realistic profile, Romane knows how to regularly put the team and the project back on the right track while keeping great ambition, exuberant motivation and unparalleled energy. Curious and ambitious by nature, this creative adventurer is a fast learner and will know how to build and develop Oneiro’s virtual world alongside Alexandre at the Game Development pole. 


Scriptwriter, videographer

The latest arrival at Oneiro, Jie was able to integrate quickly into the team thanks to his good mood and his unfailing motivation. With his creative vision and his cultural contribution, he brings an original and poetic dimension, as well as a philosophical perception to the project, especially in terms of narration alongside Thomas, and graphic and audiovisual productions. 


Graphic Designer

A true mediator, Marine always remains attentive and makes sure that all the members of the group follow the ideas put forward by each one. Organized, careful and attentive, she is the scriptwriter and project manager, making sure that deadlines are met with Romane. Comfortable on many platforms, Marine mainly brings her creative touch to the Graphic Design Department, and also participates in Oneiro’s communication.